Crowdchupa is a game for crowdsourcing data collection.

Collect the virtual objects by recording a video and we pay you for each object.


We are interested in these roads. We’ll pay you for each object you collect. Each object can only be collected once by the user who gets there first! The coins are worth 0.05 €, the blueberries 0.25 €, the cherries 0.50 €, the lemons 1.00 €, and the strawberries 2.00 €.

The objects are collected by recording a GPS-tagged video with the Crowdchupa application. Just drive over the objects to collect them. We announce the upcoming opportunities in our Facebook page, so like us to make sure you don’t miss out. Download our App here.


We need videos of roads and we are willing to pay you for them. If you are traveling on one of our target roads, why not make some money with the Crowdchupa App? See the above video for more details.


In order to use the Crowdchupa App, you need to approve our terms of use and privacy policy. You can read about them here.


If you are a road manager and interested in the services of Crowdchupa, please contact us at and we’ll get back to you soon. 


1. How can I start earning with the Crowdchupa app?
Download our app (iOS or Android) and like our Facebook page. Facebook is our primary communications channel on upcoming surveys but notifications are also sent to users via the app who are near a relevant project. Users can then start using the app to collect objects and film road conditions.

2. How do I collect the coins and when do I get the money?
There is only one function in the Crowdchupa app, recording videos. You earn by turning the record mode on and driving over the coins and other objects on the map. The videos need to be up to the standards presented in our user’s guide video. We pay the first person to collect each coin and object. 

3. How and when do you pay the users?
The payments are made after the data has been uploaded on our server and quality checked, usually within a day after completing the task.

4. What do I need to use the Crowdchupa app?
In order to record the videos, you need to attach your mobile phone to the windshield using a mobile phone holder. You’ll also need a polarizing lense to reduce any reflections. 

5. Can I use the Crowdchupa app any time I want?
Crowdchupa app is meant to be used in dry weather and daytime only. See more about the quality requirements in the user’s guide video. If the standards are not met, we will reject the video and tell you the reason for the rejection. 

6. How should I attach the mobile phone holder to the windshield?
It should be attached to the top of the windscreen to provide an unobstructed view to between 2 and 5 meters in front of the vehicle. 

7. What are the requirements for the phone?
The phone needs to have a compass for the app to work. The app is available for iOS (iPhone X or newer model) and Android phones in the App Store and Play Store. Please note that the high accuracy mode for location needs to be on and the phone should not be used in battery saving mode. It is useful to calibrate your compass following the instructions in this video before using the application: 

8. Who is the data sold to? What do third parties do to the data?
We sell the data to our customer organizations which, depending on the tasks, can be municipalities, electricity distributors, environment institutes or other infrastructure-related entities.

9. How do you take care of privacy issues?
Crowdchupa always ensures that privacy matters are taken seriously, meaning that unnecessary objects such as people and cars are blurred from the videos.

10. How much am I able to earn using Crowdchupa?
The rewards are usually around two euros per one kilometer of video data. On average, we have found that users can make over 20 euros per hour.


The people in charge of our roads need data on their condition. Our vision is to crowd source the collection of this data. You record videos for us with the Crowdchupa App, and we utilize the artificial intelligence based analysis services of our partner network to turn the videos in to actual pavement defect data. The end result is valuable to the people in charge of managing our road networks. We want to empower the road users to participate in ensuring our roads are managed at a high standard and we warmly welcome you to join the Crowdchupa community!